ABLE4Teachers Croke Park Hours Workshops

Discover how our ABLE4Teachers Croke Park Hours workshops can support well-being in your school by focusing on the core values of time, attention and respect.

Our six two-hour ABLE4Teachers workshops provide CPD training for teachers and SNAs in how positive interactions and relationships matter at school.

Run under the Croke Park Agreement, the workshops are an introduction to our ABLE4Teachers Summer Course.

Each is facilitated by our experienced licensed trainers.

Our workshops are available virtually via Zoom or we can hold them in your school at a time and date to suit you. They are also available via the national network of Education Centres.

Session 1 – Building rapport and listening actively to parents and colleagues

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Session 2 – Managing conflict in the school community

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Session 3 – Conflict at home – how it affects children in school

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Session 4 – Building resilience – putting on one’s own oxygen mask on first

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Session 5 – ‘Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope’

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Session 6 – The Brain Architecture Game

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"Very informative, new strategies for communicating with parents. Allows to think from parents' mindset."

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