Relationships Matter Working Group

“It is vital that person-to-person relationships are acknowledged and valued in every interaction as a fundamental aspect of health and wellbeing.
We want people to share their own experiences of their working environments to aid our understanding of the important elements of workplace relationships within this sector."

Dr Maeve Hurley

When a work culture and interpersonal relationships are good, there is no doubt that this can have a therapeutic effect on all members of a team, as well as those turning to those services for help.

Following the launch of ABLE in 2016, several practitioners requested an opportunity to continue the conversation on relationships and their importance. We facilitated a space for this, and after several meetings, a key theme was identified by interested parties.

The Mission statement was agreed as:

‘The purpose of this working group is to provide leadership in how to model a relational approach across sectors and across the life course.’

Since then, the Relationships Matter Working Group is exploring how we can support practitioners’ relationships with each other via our Workplace Relationships Scale.  Working with Dr Sinéad Hanifan, we have gathered a panel of health and social care professionals in community settings in Ireland to facilitate further research into how we can support practitioners’ relationships with each other.

Using the Delphi research technique, we have designed a scientifically robust measurement tool – the Workplace Relationship Scale  – to provide an objective assessment of the quality of work-based relationships.  We are currently piloting the Scale with the help of practitioners working throughout the health, social care, community and not-for-profit sectors.

Our goal is to enhance our understanding of the impact that interpersonal relationships in the workplace can have on the health and wellbeing of both service providers and users of their services.

If you are interested in learning more about the Workplace Relationship Scale, please contact our CEO Dr Maeve Hurley: [email protected]

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