Resilience Thematic Analysis

Our ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences: 50 reasons to support relationships in practice’ document is structured around five core themes that emerged from group discussions at our facilitated screenings the award-winning documentary, ‘Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope’.

Resilience Thematic Analysis

We hope that this evidence-based, multifaceted document will support relationships in practice and be of use and benefit in developing compassionate and wise actions in health, education and social care settings.

It presents a range of information, data and knowledge, including 50 evidence-based messages of hope, along with a comprehensive reference, resources and tools in appendices to support professionals to open up new ways of thinking about what we can do to become more aware and compassionate towards children and adults with histories of ACEs and toxic stress.

If you are interested in receiving a digital copy of ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences: 50 reasons to support relationships in practice’, please contact [email protected]

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